Terms and Conditions

... for "MR Homez" Plots - NH-8, Neemrana Behror

  • The Plot shaII be allotted on first come first basis, depending upon the availability.
  • The allottee(s) of the Plot shall pay necessary charges as mention in the Price list/application learn like (PLC) Club/Parking security deposit for maintaining and up keeping the complex and providing the various services as determined by the Company or its nominated agency and as and when demanded by the Company/its nominee.
  • The allottee(s) has applied for allotment of a residential Plot with full knowledge and subject to all the laws/notifications and rules applicable to this area in general which have been explained by the Company and understood by him/her.
  • The allottee (s) has accepted the plans, designs, specifications which are tentative and are kept at the company's office and agrees that Company may affect such variations, alterations and modification therein as it may, in its sole discretion deem appropriate and fit of as may be done by any competent authority and the allottee (s) hereby gives his/her consent to such variation/addition/alternation/deletion and modification.
  • The company shall have the right to effect suitable and necessary alterations in the layout plan, if and when necessary, which may involve all or any or the charges, namely change in the position of Plot, change in its number, dimensions, area layout or change of entire scheme.
  • The allottee(s) agrees that He/She shall pay the price of the Plot on the basis of the plot area and when demanded. He/She also agree to make all payments through demand drafts/Cheques drawn upon and payable at New Delhi/NCR only.
  • The Development Charges for the external services will be charged extra as laid down by the Government and in case of any increase in these charges in future the same shall be paid by the allottee(s) as and when demanded by the Company.
  • The company and the allottee(s) hereby agree that the amounts paid with the application for booking and in installments as the case may be, to the extent of 10% of the basic sale price of the Plot will collectively the earnest money, this earnest money shall stand forfeited in case of non fulfillment of these terms and conditions and those of Allottee Letter/Agreement as also in the event of failure by the allottee (S) to sign the Allotment Letter/Agreement within the time allowed by the Company.
  • The time of punctual payment and other terms and conditions of sale. Failing which lee allottee(s) have to pay interest as per the agreement on the delayed payment and the Company reserves its rights to forfeit the earnest money in event of irregular/delayed payments/non fulfillment& of terms of payment of terms of payment and the allotment may be cancelled at the discretion of the Company.
  • The allottee(s) agree to pay the total basic sale price and other charges of Plot as per the payment plan (Down Payment/Installment Plan) opted by him/her.
  • The allottee(s) agree that the sale of Plot is subject to force majeure clause which Interallia include delay on account by reason of war, or enemy action or earthquake or any act of God, delay in certain decisions/clearances from statutory body, or if non delivery of possession is as a result of any notice, order, rules or notification of the Government and for any other public or competent authority for any other reason beyond the control of the Company and In any of the aforesaid event the Company shall be entitled to a reasonable corresponding extension of the time of delivery of possession of the said premises on account of force majeure circumstances.
  • All correspondence shall be made in the name of the first applicants at the address given, and any notices letters sent to the above address shall be valid intimation to all the applicants regarding the contents therein.
  • Subject to above in case of transfer/endorsement/assignment/change in name of provisional allotment of Plot, a processing fee at the rate of 1% of the total sale value (including Basic Sale Price & other charges as payable under this agreement) shall be charged by the Company and shall be payable by such applicant to the Company at the submitting application for such transfer/endorsement/assignment/change In name etc. However first transfer after receipt of 30% Basic Sale Price and f or inclusion of name of spouse as co-applicant shall be free of any charges.
  • The above price is free of Escalation.
  • That the Courts at Delhi shall have jurisdiction in all matters arising out of and/or concerning this agreement.